Why we chose gluten-free

As you probably know by now, part of our family – the middle monkey and I – started to live gluten-free in the beginning of this year, so we’ve been on this diet now for 10 weeks. I didn’t really explain the reasons why we decided to live gluten-free so I thought I’d do so today.

The main reasons to put the middle monkey on a special diet were / are a) his skin and b) his temper:

a) Johann’s skin has been rough and red in his face ever since, and rough of the goose-pimples-kind along his arms and legs, too. Though he never complained or complains about any itching I could apply whatever ointment, lotion, creme… I wanted – it just didn’t get any better, and I really tried A LOT. The doctor’s only answer? “It’s not too bad. He’ll grow out of it!” Along with this skin issue the middle monkey holds a long, long, looong history of ear infections combined with extra large tonsils (have been reduced) and extra large adenoids (have been removed), too.

b) His temper. Johann is quite a boy with two sides which can switch literally within seconds. He is happy being alone, what astonishes me over and over again. He can play for hours just by himself; he is content, smart, fair, sweet, caring, giving, creative, constructive. He likes to be surrounded by kids, but as I said – he does not necessarily need it. Johann is at peace with himself – most of the time. BUT he can also be really loud, wild, active, over-the-top, stubborn, hard to stop. He will discuss his point until you just give up – because he won’t. For outstanding people this side of him might appear … peculiar? not “normal” … at times. Also, I think my sweet boy carries around some minor complexes: due to his ear infections he started talking quite late and still has some difficulties in pronouncing some sounds / words correctly. And though he absolutely does not show, I know that – going with his profound type – he is worrying about that. Anyway a couple of months ago a natural therapists suggested minor changes of Johann’s diet – mainly going without dairy products – just to see how it goes and what (if!) is changed.

Here’s about me: I’ve had “digestive troubles” 🙂 some months and started to feel really unwell – and un-pretty. I was tried and outworn, too. Then I started researching the area of food and its impact and effects on our well-being and also behavior and so was led to gluten-free diets which is not only recommended for people suffering celiac decease but also has provable influence on minor digestive problems as well as emotional and mental health, behavior and power. That’s when I simply decided to give it a got. I had nothing really to lose and as I’m pretty much into cooking and baking anyway it was like trying out something brand new.

After 10 weeks now…


– Johann’s skin is perceptively and visibly better than before

– my digestion was back at its best after only 3-4 days

– I feel less tired

– Johann has less tantrums

– I feel so much more aware of what we are actually eating – and just this fact alone makes me feel better

– I buy no more “kids” – products – and no one seems to mind

– Johann has adapted to this diet within the blink of an eye – he never complains about eating “special” bread or pasta or dessert or cake

– it is absolutely not as difficult to integrate into your life as you might assume

– you can find a gluten-free substitute for almost everything – so there’s next to no total abandonment.


– I spend much more money on food than before

– it’s way easier to give up on gluten than to give up on dairy

– it’s a little tricky to eat out

After all this was a good – and right – decision to go gluten-free, and I will definitely stick with it, because most of all: I just feel better and I can see that it’s good for my beloved middle monkey, too.

What are your reasons for going gluten-free? Feel free to share your story and let me know! 🙂