Oh what a morning…

Today was of the mornings I wish I forgot right on spot.

It started 30 mins early as both boys woke up at 5.30 instead of around 6. ‘So what?’ I thought, kept them snuggled up in my bed and had a little coze. Getting up and getting dressed was still ok – getting dressed has recently been the weak spot in our morning routine, especially with the little monkey. But no worries here today.

So, by 6.55 both big monkeys were dressed, my hair was dried – and then everything kind of started going downhill. I fought with those silly tights I chose to wear today – only to realize they were actually purple, not black. Aaaargh. Little monkey was also having a small crisis of some kind then leading to him constantly clutching on my leg – ripping my tights with his small sharp finger nails! (didn’t I want to cut them the other night?!)

Some time later I managed into another tight, got the little monkey dressed – and could simultaneously hear the big monkeys fighting over some non-sense down stairs. By now time was already running and non of them had had a bite of breakfast so far. Aaaargh.

In the kitchen then first thing the little monkey did was taking a handful from the chocolate spread jar. Aaaargh. Middle monkey “Can I get some flakes’n’milk?” – “You’re not allowed that at the moment, remember sweetie?” -“But Mom…… !” (5 mins of pleading and discussing to follow)

Finally and miraculously we made it to the front door in order to get dressed to go outside. Another small issue about the pros and cons of gum boots-to-wear-with-everything (the gum boots won) and the little monkey holding on to the keys so, so, sooo firm and out we were. Yippie.

I really don’t know why and retrospectively the morning does not seem all that odd to me anymore – but it was. I felt as tired and worn-out by 7.45 as I would normally at 5 in the afternoon. Hmm.

We’ll see how it goes tomorrow. I will be staying at home with the middle monkey who is having a bad throat infection and even has to take medication. So it hope t will be a little more relaxed – for me.

Back on – finally

So now, finally I’ve managed to open a new blog, get that one started and designed (haha) and even started to copy a few of the older posts from the older blog. I’d really love to post on a more regular basis from now on.

I have been thinking how to start this new one – several options on hand: telling you everything that happened since March2013 (last post in the old blog), pretending it was just yesterday that I last posted – or giving another year’s recap.

I decided to go for the recap which will be posted shortly. Generally the blog will be about my sewing, special diets we’ve been trying lately – especially gluten free and casein free. But of course it will be mainly about the 3 cheeky, not-so-little monkeys and what’s keeping us busy around here.