I have been the regular reader of several blogs for years. Every now and then I thought to myself “It’s something you should do, too.” But, then, I asked myself THE questions: “What should I write about?” – “How should people know about that blog?” – “Who would ever (EVER) read it?” I found it too depressing an idea that I sit down and write (and write, write, write) and no-one out there would actually be interested in it. So I postponed the idea again and again.

Then, a few weeks ago, a very close friend told me head-on that I (of everybody) am the one to have a blog and this was the final bone of contention. I started researching the hows and abouts, opened an account and tried to make it look nice – I know this hasn’t worked out so well so far but I’m on it! And here I am now: Me and this blog. I hope I will be able to post on a regular basis, I hope it will look nicer (more like ME) soon – and I so desperately hope there is at least one person out there (except for you, Heiki!) who will read it. Anyway, it really feels that NOW – TODAY – is the right time. So it starts here. Now.

This blog will be about me and my 3 cheeky monkeys: Paulina, 8, Johann, 6 next months, and baby-monkey Jakob, 18 months. And of course about my beloved hubby, my home, the things I do when I have some spare minutes to… but mainly about the cooking, baking and eating around here since we’ve put ourselves onto a gluten-free diet.

Please enjoy it! Any feedback is welcome. (as I am the editor of this thing, I might feel free to delete any negative feedback though…)

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