Going on a holiday

Yes. You’ve read correctly. I am going on a holiday. Just hubby and me. We are taking a time-out just for the 2 of us leaving our monkeys in the caring and loving hands of our parents. Hmm.

It’s the first couple-getaway for us since our anniversary in 2011 – so it’s been quite a while. Since 2011 I have basically not spent a single night without at least one of my monkeys. Every parent knows what that means: 30 months of sleeping in stand-by. Permanent alert-mode. Hmm.

I’ve had 3 sick monkeys and one sick self around here during the last month and I feel really ready for this vacation now: I’m trying to put all my doubts and worries aside by the help of an overwhelming need for recreation, alone-time with hubby – and sleep. Long, undisturbed, restoring sleep. Hmm. Still. However much I need this vacation, those silly doubts and worries just won’t stay in that corner I’ve sent them to. They keep sneaking back into my mind and leave me feeling insecure. I have never ever before left them – my 3 monkeys all at once is it. Least of all I haven’t left them for 5 consecutive nights! so, here’s when the ‘what-ifs’ start to rumble.: What if one of them gets sick? Or all of them? Even worse! What if my parents get sick? What if they won’t sleep / eat / feel  well / behave? What if something happens to us? What if the plane mystically disappears from the radar? Just happened… What if I simply won’t be able to rest, relax, recreate, sleep, talk to hubby … enjoy myself after all? Hmm. I feel kind of trapped between those silly worries and the urgent need for some time away.

What keeps my mind busy and off those doubts nowadays is organizing the next week. It is not just me and hubby going away for 5 days. It’s not just throwing some dresses and stuff into a suitcase, checking us in online and off we are. NO. It is all about list-making, scheduling, plan-writing, explaining, preparing etc at the moment. Sometimes I stop and wonder how I actually manage considering my non-existing Master-degree in Logistics. 🙂

Tomorrow I’ll start packing up the clothes and 1 million more things which need removal over to my parents’ for the time of our absence.  I even went to a big Swedish furniture today (SATURDAY) in order to buy a safety guard for my parents’s staircase. It was an absolute nightmare as the store was already crowded before it even opened but now I feel a little more relaxed seeing that my little monkey probably won’t attempt to descend the stairs.

I know the next 3 days will fly by so I won’t have too much time to think and / or worry. And before I know I’ll be sitting on my seat in row 24 off to the lovely south and my 3 sweet monkeys will be nothing but fine – enjoying their time off from their overprotective, ever-worrying mom.

I’ll definitely let you know how it went.

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