Coconut bread – 2nd try

I was so bothered by yesterday’s accident that I decided to give this bread another go right away. The day today turned out to be the least relaxing – I stayed at home with both big monkeys who both have bad throat infections and who both were in a mood… let me tell you! 😦 Anyway, I took some quiet time to do some research and after that I could tweak the recipe a little. Today I used:

200ml coconut milk

10g dried yeast

200g all purpose gluten-free flour

200g cookies-and-cake gluten-free flour

1 tblsp. vegetable oil

1 tblsp. raw sugar

some salt

100-150ml warm water

First I mixed all dry ingredients, then I added the coconut milk and 100ml water, later I added some more water – you will know once the dough has the perfect texture.

I let it rest for more than an hour and baked it about 45mins (200 degrees C). It looks a little pale but it’s really tasty and the texture is soft, a little moist and crispy on the outside. As I already said I will add more sweets next time now that I found a recipe (or: a mixture of several to fit) that works. Take a look:

IMG_6642 IMG_6643 IMG_6646

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