Gluten-free baking

As you know we just recently started our gluten-free diet and since most baked goods contain gluten I have been baking A LOT around here. I can tell you: gluten-free baking requires a bit of testing and trying and there was only one of the many recipes I tried which really worked to please me the first time around. I will publish the recipes one after another. Today let me show you this little accident:

Foto 2

I had the idea of making a kind of milk-bread that can be a treat for breakfast. Of course I tried to avoid milk to fit the middle monkey’s diet so I thought of coconut milk as a suitable and tasty substitute. I used a gluten-free recipe and replaced cow’s milk by coconut milk:

400ml coconut milk, lukewarm

500g gluten-free all purpose or bread-flour

1 egg

10g dried yeast

20g vegetable oil

I made it a normal dough and let it rest for about 45 mins. When kneading I already noticed that the dough was quite firm and during the resting period it didn’t really grow so much nor did it become fluffy and airy. I baked it for about an hour then (200 dregrees C) and it looked liked that when it came out: (quite nice actually…)

Foto 1

Anyway, even though the bread is totally soggy, the taste isn’t too bad after all. Next time I’ll probably add some more things to sweeten it up a little making it even more of a breakfast bread or afternoon tea treat. And of course I’ll then let you know how it went.

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