2013 – Recap


The first month of the year was all about preparation. Our long-term-longed for family trip was right ahead and travelling overseas with our family of 5 plus grandmas and a granddad was a total challenge in advance.

As I am more of the planning-ahead type, I had several lists made up – written, but also in my head.

I was constantly running ,final‘ errands, packing and un-packing bags, arranging and re-arranging travel outfits and hand luggages.

In the end everything went fine. On January 31st we had our traditional farewell-dinner in our small village pub and off we flew…


Our holidays in Singapore were exactly what we needed: warm, warm, warm, far away from home and work and business, exclusive family time, the feeling of coming back home. They also turned out to be as unexpected as they could possibly have: wet, wet, wet, the middle monkey sick for 5 days starting on the day of arrival, the worst jetlag I ever experienced.

But after the all the trip was so, so, sooo worth it, I still (after a whole year) live on the memories of these 2 marvelous weeks and as we are already planning another trip of the same kind for next winter I also start to live on pleasant anticipation.


March was unfortunately still extremely winterly. We had masses of snow which I had to shovel away each and every day. By the middle of the month everyone was complaining about the weather – but what did it help? It was still snowy in April!

Also I started to introduce solids to the baby monkey which he did not quite like so much. So I took them off the menu again, was counseled by my lovely midwife, re-introduced them containing 90% banana and 10% veggies first. Well, that was a hit – obviously he was a sweet tooth! After some days the ratio shifted but let me tell you: There was banana in his food for a VERY long time.


In April my sweet middle monkey turned 5 years old! We had a funny and exciting pirate-themed birthday bash and the obligatory family party as well.

As in every year we spent the Easter holidays at our cottage by the sea. The little monkey was hit by a serious ear infection just before departure but after 2 lousy days and nights he coped really well.


Well, May went by as a somewhat normal month. We enjoyed the first real days of spring, spent a weekend at the cottage, had lovely friends over for a visit – and kept fighting to settle the baby monkey into a propper night-sleep-routine.


In June it was my adorable daughter‘s 8th birthday – where is time? It‘s like I just blinked and 8 years have passed. Awful! We spent the day in a climbing park and at the beach and enjoyed the first summerly day of the season.

Shortly after that the big summer break started and we spent a family week at the cottage, at the beach, cycling and also enjoying some really rare couple time.


This became the most perfect summer month. Only one downside: Hubby had to work non-stop. BUT the kids and I went back to cottage and spent lazy days in the village, at the beach, BBQ-ing. Accompanied by my father-in-law and dear friends we had 2 really fabulous weeks.


Clock was ticking! School started, kindy started and soon it was time for my baby monkey to also leave for childcare. I felt really strange about that, kind of sad and torn. It changed for the better when hubby unexpectedly offered me an accountant position in his office. From then on I literally counted the days for my „new life“ to begin. And: my little monkey was a preschooler now!


This was an exciting month! We had two Japanese artists in residence at our home. They were working on an exhibition and living and eating with us. I tried to cook them some regional specialities and I think they liked it. Though with Japanese you can never really be sure as they are so incredibly polite.

Also it was little monkeys first birthday! He was given a push car handmade by my Dad and heaps of books and other toys. We had a fine little party with family and friends and celebrated our littlest man.


Annually in October we take a family trip to the capital enjoying a couple of days ,in the city‘, doing tourist-things and staying in the very lovely and caring company of my uncle and his wife. It was as great as ever, we visited the zoo, the National Historical Museum and also (lucky me!) some of the great shops.

After returning home the little monkey started kindy and it was harder on his side than on mine.


In the beginning of this month hubby and I did a very luxurious thing: We took one whole week off from work, sent the kids to school and spent the days at home. We went out for lunch, met friends, took long-distance walks, cleaned up some spots and corners around the house. Very relaxed and relaxing. After this week I finally started my new job and I can only say one thing: I LOVE IT.


Starting the job was still the best decision ever though (there must come a ,though‘ or a ,but‘…) things around home, house, household, cooking, laundry, grocery and other shopping, appointments… not to forget kids, kids, kids were still also on my agenda and by mid-december I admit I was really struggling with everything. Take Christmas prep and some sick kids on top and I really started to doubt my decision. The holidays were highly appreciated and after we all survived an ugly stomach flu which hit 80% of the family (including grandparents, uncles, cousins…) we managed to relax, breath deeply, make new plans and lists and so we were able to welcome 2014 healthy, stable and as organized as we possibly could.


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